Taden Designs - Children's Fashion Accessories

Our story

Taden started its life on the trail for a super absorbent bib to cater to children with severe reflux, having had first-hand experience of this issue myself with my own son.

We tried and tested many bibs from numerous companies and found that the absorbency level that we required was not present or available. So we decided to conduct our own extensive research on textile absorbency. Once the correct materials were sourced and they matched our demanding requirements, we set about creating an exciting and innovative range of bandanna bibs for boys and girls.

Taden launched our Bandana Bids range in April 2015 with great success, and from there we added to our range with Pre-Walker Soft Sole Leather Shoes and other accessories which you can view on our site. We continue to engage with our loyal customers and welcome feedback and suggestions for change and additions to our product range.